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The Case for Coaching

This morning I delivered a 20-minute group coaching session to 20 business owners. All of them told me at the beginning that they already enjoyed what they did. So why did I bother? What did they need coaching for if they already felt ok? Surely it’s a waste of time and resources to coach people […]

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Yeah, but no….The Art of the Positive Refusal

If you’re a people-pleaser like me, you’ll be familiar with getting yourself into a pickle because you’ve said yes to too many things. The Art of Saying No has remained elusive to me for much of my life, and I have often found myself in situations I would really rather not be in, feeling overstretched […]

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New Year New Idea: Motivational tips for 2015

Happy new year one and all! The festive period may seem like an eternity ago already, but the year is really only just beginning, and now is the time we’re making resolutions and setting ourselves goals to achieve in the year to come, at home and at work. Hurrah! But soon is also to come […]

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