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Yeah, but no….The Art of the Positive Refusal

If you’re a people-pleaser like me, you’ll be familiar with getting yourself into a pickle because you’ve said yes to too many things. The Art of Saying No has remained elusive to me for much of my life, and I have often found myself in situations I would really rather not be in, feeling overstretched […]

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blogpost 7 - stress

Stressed out? So how do you choose to respond?

This is what happens when you get stressed: your body enters a state of high arousal; your blood goes from your stomach to your upper body; at the same time, it thickens; if you’re a man you’re likely to become very focussed; if you’re a woman you may well become more aware of things around […]

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Ready, Set, Get Creative! 3 tools to bring out anyone’s creative side

Happy workers are more creative. Research cited by the Harvard Business Review even suggests that this can mean up to three times more creative. Compelling stuff. But what about when creativity isn’t part of the job description? How can this creativity manifest itself when you’re not required to provide traditionally creative outputs? And how relevant is […]

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