Businesses that build on employees’ strengths rather than focus on their weaknesses experience 36.4% higher performance.

That's according to research by the Corporate Leadership Council. In the same report, focusing on weaknesses resulted in a 27% drop in performance. So why is it that so often in performance reviews, staff are told what they’re not doing right, where they’re lacking, what they need to work on more? This focus on weaknesses can not only be demoralising for the employee in question, but can lead to a spiral of issues rather than fixes.

Strengths Profile is a tool that can help you not only identify the most relevant strengths to focus on, but accompanied by a coaching session by an accredited Strengths Profile coach, can also help you work out how to do this. Sarah, our founder, is one of those accredited coaches.

People who understand their strengths and how to use them are:

  • Less stressed
  • More resilient
  • More engaged
  • More confident
  • More effective
  • More successful
  • More likely to achieve their goals

How it works

The Strengths Profile tool identifies three key areas of strength:

  • Realised Strengths: those things you are good at, you get energy from, and that you use a lot
  • Unrealised Strengths: things you are good at and you get energy from, but that you don’t use much
  • Learned Behaviours: things you are good at but that drain you of energy

Yes, it will also highlight those areas of weakness - the things you find hard and don’t enjoy - but that’s so that you can stop beating your head against the wall and focus instead on the other three areas. The chances are, you can use one of your areas of strength to achieve the same outcome you were aiming for, but with more success.

Strengths Profile is not just about what you’re good at, but also what gives you energy. In this way, strengths are always changing. If you use too much of one strength you may find you enjoy it less, it causes fatigue and stress, and becomes less of a strength and more of a liability.

Your unrealised strengths amount to untapped potential, just as your learned behaviours drain your energy. The profiles can help you learn how to rebalance and use up less unnecessary energy, and refocus on the strengths that give you energy instead to get the same result without the headaches.

We help you to identify how best to use each of your strengths to achieve what you want, be it growing your confidence, feeling more engaged at work, or getting the best from your team. We can look at it on an individual level, or we can develop a team and manager profile for those working with others or looking to develop a team.

At an individual level you learn what gives you energy, what drains you, and where you should focus attention to get the best out of yourself. At a team level, key results are shared and discussed so that you can work more effectively together. Whether playing to the true strengths of yourself or your team, Strengths Profile can be a revelation.

The profile is designed to be taken at intervals over time so that you can assess progress and develop further in the areas you want with real purpose. It can be used within a coaching programme, as a team, or as a one-off session to spark ideas.

Want to know more?

Brains like other brains to talk to. We'd love to have a chat over the phone or over coffee about how coaching with Strengths Profile could help you and your team. Have a look at who else we work with and get in touch below.