Strengths Coaching

Are you looking to improve performance? How about using your strengths?

Improving performance is undermined by trying to rectify weaknesses. In fact, research by the Corporate Leadership Council suggests that managers who emphasise strengths see a 36.4% increase in performance from their team, compared to a 26.8% decline when they focus on weaknesses that need to be improved.

People who use their strengths have also been found to be:

  • Happier
  • More confident
  • More energetic
  • Less stressed
  • More resilient
  • More likely to achieve their goals
  • Better performers at work
  • More engaged at work
  • More effective at developing and growing

The potential impact on productivity, profitability and the bottom line is great. The case for strengths-based development is clear.

The Strengths Profile tool assesses three key factors – performance, energy and use – across 60 potential strengths, and classifies these into four key areas: Realised Strengths, Learned Behaviours, Weaknesses and Unrealised Strengths. A better understanding of each of these areas will help you to get the best out of yourself, or your team, as you will gain insight on areas to use more of, less of and when to use which.

Strengths Profile is designed to be taken at intervals over time so that you can assess your own progress and develop further in the areas you want with real purpose. For example, some of your Unrealised Strengths may become realised if you’re able to tap into them more, or some of your Learned Behaviours may become Realised Strengths if you’re able to redress the balance of how you use them.

Unique profiles are produced for individuals, and Team and Manager profiles are also available for those working with others or looking to develop a team. These can be an incredibly powerful tool in ensuring your team is performing to its best.

Sarah is an accredited Strengths Profile coach and will work with you to understand your profile and identify how to use it to improve in areas you want to grow, and reach goals you wish to achieve.

Organisations that have already benefited from Strengths Profile include BBC, PWC, Thomson Reuters and HSBC.

Please contact us to find out more about how Strengths Profile could help you or your organisation.