Work Bubbles is the coaching practice for communications services, from branding and advertising to market research.

#Medialife is unlike any other, and those who haven’t worked in agencies and communications services never truly understand what goes on behind those closed doors.

We know what it’s like; our founder Sarah Creevey cut her teeth in agencies for a decade before setting out as a coach, so we’ve got a rare understanding of the crises of confidence, the work hard / play hard attitude, and the burnout you might be facing right now.

We work with communications creatives (and the data geeks, too) to help them feel more in control of their own destiny, more confident in their abilities, and more able to find and manage the right balance in work and life. Get to understand your own skills and strengths, and how you can use them to help your agency, your team, and yourself.

Are you an agency or communications services leader?

  • Help your team to be more self-sufficient and more confident.
  • Help your staff be happier and more engaged, reducing churn and boosting retention.
  • Help your managers get the right skills and tools to lead teams and nurture careers.
  • Help your team or agency be one that clients want to work with, and creatives want to work for.

Here’s a few of the companies we’ve worked with to do just that: