Managers are often in a tricky position...

...they have their own client-facing work and day-to-day tasks to take care of, but at the same time they must guide and steer those reporting to them, deal with unpredicted crises as they pop up and spin many plates at once. When there’s a lot going on, this can pile on the pressure.

Coaching can help managers, those new to role and those more experienced, to learn how to tackle some of these challenges on the job. We support and guide managers towards the best work version of themselves, helping them to develop skills to take through their whole career, on into senior leadership and beyond. It’s about how to grow, understand and apply yourself, and it's development that can't be gained from a one-off management training course.

We offer coaching to managers in a flexible format according to need and would normally recommend a series of sessions over a six-to-nine-month period. For new managers, we recommend a more structured programme covering topics including strengths, time management, resilience, confidence and vision.

Teams can be difficult to work with...

...and they can benefit from coaching too.

We help to build effective teams by helping managers to find their own way of working, their own management style and brand, and to help them find and manage the balance between their own needs and those of their team.

But we also work with teams as a single unit. Our team coaching helps teams to find their strengths and how best to work together – because there’s no use in bringing everyone’s best self to work if they can’t then collaborate. Sometimes a team needs some help with how they communicate with each other, how they work together, or even how they set a team mission and vision together.

We can facilitate a team session or series of sessions to help with these challenges.  Team Strengths Profile sessions help managers and their teams understand how to work with the strengths of individual members to get a truly magical collaboration – or we could build a bespoke session to help teams to identify and overcome challenges they face as a team.

Whatever your specific team challenges, coaching could be a cost-effective way to ensure sustained improved performance all round.


Want to know more?

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