• “The coaching sessions with Sarah provided a very positive impact in helping me to develop better systems to work in a more effective way. Furthermore they helped me to identify different priorities, redefine some of my initial business goals and to change the focus towards certain activities which will enable me to achieve my long term goals quicker.” – Rob Scriven, Partner, SPL Marketing

  • “Sarah taught me a different way of approaching the things I struggle with most at work. Her technique of getting me to imagine what it would feel like if I acted with the confidence and assurance I aspired to have worked really well. All these ideas came from me, but I couldn’t have put them into practice without Sarah’s help.” – Rachel Bull, Journalist and Editor

Are you looking for a more engaged, more productive workforce?

Sarah is a fully qualified executive coach. Through the Work Bubbles approach, she combines her skills in bringing out the best in people with her natural creativity, grounding this in her business and managerial experience to coach people at all levels with real impact. Work becomes great.

From executives to senior management, Sarah and her team can help your employees to overcome the barriers they face to doing the best job they can possibly do and to enjoy it along the way too!

There are many areas in which executive coaching could help your organisation be a happier and more productive place. Below are just a few examples:

    • Improving client and colleague relationships
    • Building confidence at work
    • Managing stress
    • Improving communication
    • Developing great leadership
    • Building effective teams
    • Making success happen
    • Optimising performance
    • Embedding a happy work culture
    • Managing a change process

An initial consultation with Sarah will identify the best course of action according to the desired outcome and the exact context within your business. She will then make recommendations for a bespoke programme of executive coaching that fully meets your needs. Coaching may be one-to-one or in a group workshop format, and often a programme combining these two approaches is recommended.

We will always do our best to meet your needs. Depending on the type and amount of coaching required, Sarah may match you with one of her fabulous Associates for one-to-one or group coaching. All our Associate Coaches follow the Work Bubbles ethos, to help you and your people get the best from their jobs in a fun yet challenging way.

To find out more about how Work Bubbles executive coaching could help your organisation be a better place to work please get in touch!