Coaching can be a great way to support ongoing development and to enhance and embed on-the-job learning.

Often the best results are achieved one-on-one. We offer our coaching in a flexible format so you can build a programme to best suit your needs, but generally we recommend six to nine sessions to work most effectively on an identified need. It could be finding confidence in a new role, developing a personal leadership style, or managing stress better.

Once the designated programme is complete, we can also offer follow-up sessions to check in with progress and help get back on track if things have gone a bit wobbly.

Sometimes, though, you don’t need a whole package. If you just want a check-in or some quick help thinking things through  - perhaps some Strengths Profile work, or some help with a straightforward issue - we can design a single or couple of sessions to help you find your solution.

“I asked to work with Sarah to help me gain confidence and assertiveness in a new job role that was a lot more senior than anything I'd done before. I felt out of my depth, but with Sarah's amazing help was able to focus on what I wanted to achieve from the role and learn how to do that with confidence. She taught me techniques that I still use today and had such a positive impact on my career - and me!”

Rachel Bull, Editor, Brand Republic

“The reason I asked for coaching was because I wanted to feel more secure at work, I needed to believe in myself...Having these sessions has shown me the strong person I am, I have the answer and I just need to look inside of me...I feel strong, positive, I can do it and I AM doing it! I am very happy with the result!”

Carla del Correl, Marketing Manager, bChannels

“The sessions with Sarah have enabled me to reflect on my own values and to take a more positive approach, in a rapidly changing workplace environment. Also, to try and look at things differently and work towards my strengths and the strengths of others, rather than letting challenging situations dominate. I really miss the sessions, and yet I am able to reflect on and continue to use the valued experience.”

NicolaHallas, School Executive Administrator, LSBU

“The sessions with Sarah really helped me to think clearly about my priorities and consider the implications of my actions with regards to challenges at work. This has been invaluable to me.”

Krushma Makwana, L&D Manager, L’Oreal

“Sarah has an energising spirit. Whether she is coaching you, training you or collaborating with you, she brings a level of joy and understanding that is rare... She is always willing to throw herself into something and 'try' anything. That is one of the reasons she is such a fantastic coach. She is not afraid and always ready for anything. I feel grateful to have spent time with Sarah, personally and professionally, and hope to work with her more and more as years go on.”

Quinn Simpson, Co-Founder, Graydin

“The skills Sarah has helped me to develop over the last five months will enable me to continue to move forward a much more fulfilled and happy person in many areas of my life. I would not hesitate in recommending her as a coach to anyone. She has a real gift for getting you to see how you can get the best out of yourself, whatever your goal may be.”

Lucy Gaffney, Consultant, United Learning

"Sarah was a super coach: very patient, very facilitative and very energising.Both in the tools she used and in her own manner, she really helped me navigate my way to my answers.”

Sarah O'Farrell, Behavioural Strategist, Fonterra

“I came away from every session with a real positive, can do attitude and with many useful action points and tools... As a result of working with Sarah my attitude to life has changed, I feel that I can make positive decisions which will influence every aspect of my life and career and have also improved my overall quality of life. She has really helped me find out who the real me is, what my core values are and I have honestly never been happier. I can’t recommend working with Sarah enough. You must do it, it will seriously improve your life!"

Zoe Thorn – Owner, Zoe Elizabeth

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