Discussing what makes us happy at The Canvas Cafe

Five insights from our Happyworks workshop

Last Thursday witnessed the inaugural Happyworks Series workshop at The Canvas Café in Shoreditch. It was a terrific evening including a fantastic group of people, lots of good discussion and, importantly, some delicious wine, beer and pastries. People joined us from all kinds of industries, including HR to design, and what struck me was the […]

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blogpost 7 - stress

Stressed out? So how do you choose to respond?

This is what happens when you get stressed: your body enters a state of high arousal; your blood goes from your stomach to your upper body; at the same time, it thickens; if you’re a man you’re likely to become very focussed; if you’re a woman you may well become more aware of things around […]

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Ready, Set, Get Creative! 3 tools to bring out anyone’s creative side

Happy workers are more creative. Research cited by the Harvard Business Review even suggests that this can mean up to three times more creative. Compelling stuff. But what about when creativity isn’t part of the job description? How can this creativity manifest itself when you’re not required to provide traditionally creative outputs? And how relevant is […]

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New Year New Idea: Motivational tips for 2015

Happy new year one and all! The festive period may seem like an eternity ago already, but the year is really only just beginning, and now is the time we’re making resolutions and setting ourselves goals to achieve in the year to come, at home and at work. Hurrah! But soon is also to come […]

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teamwork and improvisation

The Power of Improv to Improve your Team

This summer I had the privilege of appearing on stage with a group of fantastic people I had met just 8 weeks earlier, in front of an audience of 70 or so friends and family, and making stuff up on the spot for laughs. I can honestly say it was one of the most thrilling […]

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