Work Bubbles provides coaching to make work great. Grounding our approach in neuroscience, we help people to work with their brains, not in spite of them.

We believe that when people understand their brains better - when they know their strengths, have more confidence and more direction - they can maximise their potential. That means they are happier at work, and research suggests employees are more productive, more creative, better problem solvers and better negotiators when they are happy. When staff are happy, talent retention is higher and client satisfaction improves. That just makes good business sense.

It’s our mission to help you, your people and your business be the best you can be through investing in gaining strength and confidence in skills and career paths  - to give people and businesses the direction they need, and the drive to get there.

Our philosophy

We believe you are you, whether you are at work, at home, or anywhere else. So, unlike some coaches who focus only on "you at work," we work with you as a whole person. This helps you to have the confidence to be the real you at all times – and that confidence shines through in your dealings with clients and colleagues, how you approach your to-do list, and how your career unfolds.

While we work holistically, we also work scientifically. Our approach and philosophy is grounded in the principles of neuroscience and behavioural change. It’s also grounded in reality – we help you to find your own way to develop habits that are realistic and helpful for you personally. It’s about working with your brain to maximise your work habits and your potential.

In short, we help you to find out what’s possible when you put your brain into action.

About our founder

Sarah Creevey has a passion for making workplaces great places to be, and has dedicated her working life to helping people get the best out of themselves, and business to get the best out of their people. She is also fascinated by neuroscience and how people work, both collectively and individually, so it’s no surprise she’s behind Work Bubbles.

Sarah Creevey

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Practitioner in Brain and Behaviour Change



Spending over a decade in market research taught Sarah how to conduct qualitative research to inform development. She tackled projects in behaviour change, consumer research and co-creation for a range of media, arts, charity and public organisations, but wanted to take her passion for understanding behaviour  to the next level. She re-trained as a coach and began her search for the meaning behind what we do and how we act.

With Work Bubbles, Sarah gets to combine her passions for better workplaces and for behaviour and neuroscience - and it gives her an excuse to keep learning more.

Accreditations, qualifications and memberships

Sarah is a fully-qualified personal and executive coach accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). She is also a Certified Practitioner in Brain and Behaviour Change and an Accredited Strengths Profile practitioner. She also holds a certificate in the Science of Happiness from the University of California, Berkeley, a certificate in Applied Neuroscience and has trained in Managing Mental Health at Work.

As an ICF coach, Sarah is bound by the ICF Code of Ethics and undergoes monthly supervision. She continually attends CPD and peer-coaching events to grow and develop her skills.

Sarah also works as a Sanctus Coach, ensuring good mental health at work for individuals at all levels of business.

Want to know more?

Brains like information. Have a look at our services page to find out what we could do for you and your organisation, and get in touch if you want to know more.