Sarah Creevey cares that levels of stress and anxiety in the work place are resulting in wasted talent and potential.

This is what prompted her to set up Work Bubbles.

Sarah is a fully qualified personal, corporate and executive coach, accredited by the Coaching Academy and the Institute of Leadership and Management, and is also an accredited Strengths Profile coach. She loves working with people to help them connect with what makes them tick, using fun and creative facilitation techniques drawn from other disciplines like improv, and grounding these in her knowledge of positive psychology. She is specifically trained in areas including confidence, stress, communication, leadership, workplace wellbeing and values, and holds a certificate in the Science of Happiness from the University of California, Berkley. Her talent for helping people identify their real challenges is second to none, and the creative flair she brings to designing programmes that address these challenges is truly unique. She loves her job, and she wants you and your workforce to love yours as well!

More about Sarah's story

Sarah’s background was originally in drama and languages, which represents three of the things she loves: communication, people and having fun!

After a decade of working for some of the top research agencies in the UK, with clients across media, publishing, the arts, finance, health and education, she started to be troubled by the tendency of dedicated, passionate, highly capable members of staff  – herself included – to reach a point whereby they had lost themselves so much in what they do that they stopped finding any joy in it. In fact she noticed it happening around her so much she began to wonder what kind of impact it was having not just on the quality of life of individuals, but the success of the business itself.

As she coached her own teams through periods of stress, crises of confidence and demanding deadlines, she began to regain a new sense of purpose herself. She realised that there was another way she could put her well-honed facilitation and consultancy skills to good use: combine them with her fun and creative outlook on life to help people find more pleasure at work. And so Work Bubbles was born. 

Sarah runs Work Bubbles single-handedly, and enjoys providing a highly personal level of service to her clients. She’s only one person, however, and also has a team of fabulous associates she calls on to help out when extra hands are needed.