Work Bubbles is a coaching and training business set up to address the need for organisations to be more productive through helping their people enjoy what they do more.

We spend the majority of our time at work, so why should we not enjoy every minute of it? And why should organisations be satisfied with an unfulfilled workforce not performing at their best? We feel passionately about this. If we can remove the stress and anxiety people often experience around their work and replace it with purpose and fun we get a much greater sense of reward, as well as a more productive and more loyal workforce. Making work fun doesn’t mean not taking it seriously; it means learning to enjoy it and gain collective pleasure from it, for the good of all.

From blue chip corporations to brand new start-ups, happy business is becoming big business. It is our mission to help you and your organisation be the best you can be through investing in the happiness and wellbeing of your people.

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Find out more about how our executive coaching and training programmes could help move  your organisation forward, and learn some of our best tips and insights on how to be at your best at work.

If you’re an individual, look at our personal coaching offer to see how we can help you find joy at work again.

“It is vitally important for organisations to have people doing what is truly meaningful to them. An organisation with a staff that’s fully engaged is far more likely to succeed than one with a portion of its workforce detached, cynical and uninspired.” – Sir Ken Robinson

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